For the past 40 years, Viscofan has been producing millions of meters of casing for the food industry. Four decades in which our products have reached thousands of homes around the world, thanks to the hard work of our people. Their knowledge, experience and good work has made it possible for Viscofan to become a multinational leader in its sector.


Viscofan small caliber cellulose casings combine high elasticity with an extremely consistent caliber. They are permeable to flavours and colours as intended during the smoking process, but are impermeable to other unwanted aromas. With their excellent peelability troublefree industrial processing is guaranteed.

Viscofan big caliber cellulose casings are permeable tubes made of regenerated cellulose. The transparent, high-gloss properties, coupled to brilliant printing make your products highly merchandisable. The clarity of these casings is visually appealing and allows the consumer to see the actual product. Depending on the casing properties, cylindrical or oval shape products can be achieved.



Our wide variety of edible collagen casings has enjoyed great popularity world-wide for decades. Whether for processed, fresh, pre-cooked fried sausages or dry-cured snacks, every edible collagen casing from Viscofan is a classic.


Viscofan Large Caliber Collagen Casings for cooked and dry sausage in both straight and curved form are seamless casings made with high quality collagen. These casings give sausages just that typically appetizing appearance consumers are looking for.

Our quality products offer advantages as yet unmatched, for processor and consumer alike. 


Viscofan Fibrous casings are products made with fiber-reinforced cellulose. We offer complete solutions for every demand in modern sausage production. Our fibrous casings give your finished product a natural look, and their uniform caliber and excellent peelability are second to none. This makes Viscofan fibrous casings the perfect choice for sliced goods.


The plastic range from Viscofan is unbeatable in variety. Whether you are looking for “shrink bags“, casings which are “permeable“ to smoke or “barrier“ casings, in straight or a round version, Viscofan offers the right casings for your applications.

These environmentally-friendly products guarantee easy handling and an immaculate finished product. Our wide range of colours and convertings cover every customer demand.

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